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Plastic Forming on Luggage Rack Bracket

Many plastics with low memory can be formed using the orbital process. The picture on the right shows a plastic being formed to retain a part on a luggage rack.

Three Point Multi-Point Forming Plastic Part

One of eci SpinnOmatic's specialties is forming multiple fasteners at once, decreasing overall assembly time and machinery cost. The picture on the left is a 3-point multipoint used to form a plastic retainer.

Reverse Form C-Frame

C-Frame forming heads are used to form rivets that are in hard to reach locations, such as inside a hollow tube. They can also be configured for reverse forming (pulling on the rivet instead of pushing). The C-Frame on the right was used to mount the terminals inside a battery case.

Retaining Ring with Cut-out

With an anti-rotate installed, it is possible to adjust exactly where the material will be formed. In the picture on the left, the tube is formed around the ring, but the cut-out is left untouched.

High Speed Bearing for Computer Use

A multistage system can be designed to complete an entire assembly. On the right, the sleeve is locked into place, then the bearing is inserted and formed.

Forming Large Diameter Aluminum Tube (Air Bag Chamber)

SpinnOmatic machines can be used to roll-over large diameter tubing, producing a tight, weld-free, seal. On the left, the outer tubing of an air-bag chamber is formed. Because of the lower forces involved in the orbital process, the cylinders are not deformed and they can be formed while fully charged.

Forming Zinc Die-Cast Parts

Using ordinary methods, Zinc is a very hard metal to form. But it is no problem with a eci SpinnOmatic. On the right, an eyelet peen is used to retain a piece on a Zinc Die-Cast part.

Various Forming Head Designs

Our expert engineering staff can design a Forminghead for any application. The picture on the left shows just a few of the thousands we tailored for special applications.


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