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Bearings & Seals

Precision bearings & seals are essential for the longevity and strength required to form and keep machinery running.

Bearings & Seals

All bearings and seals are sold as a kit. -->

             Powerhead ":M"                            Order #             
M4 Powerhead M4 Bearing Kit
M7 Powerhead M7 Bearing Kit
M10 Powerhead M10 Bearing Kit or 3345
M20 Powerhead M20 Bearing Kit or 18470
M23 Powerhead M23/25 Bearing Kit or 64577
M25 Powerhead       M23/M25 Bearing Kit or 64577      
M40 Powerhead M40 Bearing Kit or 67455
M50 Powerhead M50 Bearing Kit

Bearing Kit Quick Reference

             Forming Head #                           Download             
C-01010 Download PDF Document
C-1255 Download PDF Document
C-6520 Download PDF Document
C-6564 Download PDF Document
C-6750 Download PDF Document
C-6816 Download PDF Document
C-6932 Download PDF Document
C-10031 Download PDF Document
C-16874 Download PDF Document
C-26437 Download PDF Document
C-34640 4DEG Download PDF Document
C-34640 5DEG Download PDF Document
C-34640 6DEG Download PDF Document
C-94795-S Download PDF Document
C-101162 Download PDF Document

Forming Head References

             Powerhead                           Order #             
M4 Powerhead M4 Seal Kit
M7 Powerhead M7 Seal Kit
M10 Powerhead M10 Seal Kit or 2611
M20 Powerhead M20 Seal Kit or 18471
M23 Powerhead M23 Seal Kit or 64578
M23 Old Style Powerhead             M23 Old Style Seal Kit or 8794      
M25 Powerhead M25 Seal Kit or 34486
M40 Powerhead M40 Seal Kit or 67455
M50 Powerhead M50 Seal Kit

Seal Kit Quick Reference

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The peen is the tool that creates the finished rivet. The possibilities are endless and can be specifically desiged for your part and finish requirments. Flat peens create a conical finish. Conical peens create a flat finish. Not sure what type of peen? We will recommend either a standard peen, or design one for your application requirements.

Forming Heads

The forming head is the rotating tool holder. A forming head holds the peen by either set screw or magnet. The sized of the head is determined by the desired diameter of the finished rivet.

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